Prepare Your Wake County Home for Sale With Gardening in January!

Jan 29, 2014

Wake County home gardening Are you a Wake County home owner who is planning to capitalize on the spring home buying rush in a few months?

If so, we recommend you start preparing now by giving your outside a little touch up! After all, your home’s curb appeal is the first thing that buyers will notice when they’re walking up to your home.

And while it may seem counter-intuitive, winter is actually the perfect time to prepare your garden just right! And we’ve got the expert advice you’ll need to do it!

Wake County Homes and Gardens

For the trees and shrubs in your yard, we recommend you take the following steps to prepare them for spring:

  • Since Raleigh has a milder winter than other parts of the country, you actually have the option of planting trees now – from fruit trees to shade trees to flowering trees. An added bonus is that most nurseries restock their selections in January so you’ll have first pick!
  • For new evergreens, rose bushes and deciduous shrubs, make sure to plan them on a day when temperatures are below freezing.
  • Continue to rake to make sure fallen leaves don’t have a chance to smother new grass.

Here are some tips on what you can do to winterize your lawn:

  • If you still have your Christmas tree, use its branches to protect delicate plants and root vegetables from the harsh wind and weather.
  • You can also protect delicate plants by covering them with burlap or another type of cloth.

Have some houseplants? Make sure to incorporate these suggestions:

  • Keep watering to a minimal during the winter because a lot of plants left in standing water during this time of year can suffer root damage.
  • Make sure to encourage balanced foliage by turning your plants every couple of weeks.
  • Delay transplanting those plants that may be root bound until the spring months.

And a few miscellaneous tips:

  • Start planning your spring garden now by mapping out where you want to put certain plants.
  • You can also use this time to clean and sharpen hand tools like clippers and shovels.
  • Maintain your weeding regimen throughout the winter. Uproot them to prevent future spread.

Sell Your Wake County Home With Us!

We hope you found the above tips helpful as a potential Wake County home sellers.

For more valuable tips on how to improve the aesthetics of your home for sale, please contact us at the Rachel Kendall Team.

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