Staging Tips for Your Raleigh & The Triangle Real Estate Sale

10 Low-Cost Ways to Make Home Buyers Say Wow!

These low-cost strategies will make your Raleigh home more appealing and are sure to have your potential buyers saying, “Wow!”

Mow the Lawn

Mow the lawn and trim the bushes, especially the ones that block your windows and diminish sunlight.

Purchase a New Doormat

Purchase a new doormat.

Add Flowers

Add a bright pot of flowers (or even a small evergreen in winter) on your front porch.


Replace any old, tarnished doorknobs on your doors and polish or replace your house numbers.


Power-wash your driveway, sidewalk, and the exterior siding of your home.

Edge the Grass

Edge the grass around walks and trees plus add fresh mulch to your planting beds.

Upgrade Lighting

Upgrade the outdoor lighting for a feeling of safety (yes, buyers drive by your home at night too) and to add dramatic effect.

Get a New Mailbox

Purchase a new mailbox.

Clean Your Gutters

Clean your gutters.

Place a Wreath on Your Door

Place a seasonal wreath on your front door.

Request Your Complimentary Home Evaluation

While many real estate agents still use the old fashion “PFA” (Pulled From the Air) method to determine the fair market value of your Raleigh & the Triangle home, we’ll remove all the guesswork when your home is evaluated.  Your Raleigh & the Triangle home will be priced properly using current data to perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). In the CMA, we’ll collect and compare data for homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood. This system will analyze Raleigh & the Triangle homes that are comparable to yours in terms of house size, lot size, improvements, locations, and schools. Request your FREE Raleigh & the Triangle Home Evaluation today!