The 4 Worst Home Selling Mistakes You Can Make in Wake County

Jul 31, 2013

Wake County home sellingAs experienced Wake County REALTORS®, we frequently see home sellers making the same mistakes on the market.

These mistakes can sometimes cost home sellers a purchase offer!

Today, I’m going to tell you what these common mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Selling Your Home on the Wake County Real Estate Market

Given that it’s still a buyer’s market here in Wake County, it’s important to make sure that you have an edge over all of the other home sellers out there trying to attract buyers.

In order to do so, you’re going to want to avoid some common home seller mistakes.

The top four mistakes we see are:

Pricing the home too high. This turns off otherwise qualified buyers who may have been willing to make a purchase offer.

  • How to Avoid: Working with an experienced real estate agent who can analyze comparable homes for sale in the area to make sure your home is priced accurately. Pricing a home correctly also requires factoring in the condition of the home, the location, and more.

Listing a home that is in poor condition. Sometimes these homes don’t get any purchase offer at all. And when they do, they’re often lowball offers because buyers are unable to see the true value of your home behind all of the problems.

  • How to Avoid: Invest in some quick fixes, such as repainting rooms or replacing severely worn carpeting. You may also consider staging your home to play up its assets and to downplay its flaws.

Ineffectively marketing the home. This may include adding a picture to the MLS that is blurry or dark or failing to diversify your marketing campaign to include print, online and other mediums.

  • How to Avoid: Making sure all photos of your home are clear and bright. Understanding the importance and effectiveness of diversified marketing. And targeting the right home buyer audience. An experienced Wake County REALTOR can usually help you with these things.

Working With An Inexperienced REALTOR®. Let’s face it, you are not likely aware of all the ins and outs of real estate because you don’t work in the industry full time. That’s okay. However, the Wake County REALTOR® you ultimately work with should have a firm understanding of the market and how best to represent you.

  • How to Avoid: To find a qualified agent to represent you, make sure to ask them questions about their experience in your specific market as well as their game plan for effectively marketing your home. That should give you a good idea if this real estate agent has what it takes to help you sell your home.

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