Life in Willow Deer

Jan 15, 2016

Live in Willow Deer for a Daypark

Want to know what it’s like to live in the beautiful Willow Deer neighborhood of Wake Forest? Step into the shoes of an actual Willow Deer resident and find out what a day in the neighborhood just might be like.

Enjoy Luxurious Home Amenities

You wake early on a Friday morning in May to bright sunlight pouring in through your vast bedroom window. You stretch and get out of bed, head into the master bathroom to brush your teeth in one of the dual vanities set into the extensive marble counter. If time permitted, you would enjoy a soak in your whirlpool bathtub, but you have to get ready for work, so you grab a quick shower instead.

You then spend the next ten minutes in your walk-in closet, consulting your full-length mirror to find the perfect work attire for the day. Finally decided, you descend the wide hardwood staircase to your open kitchen to make coffee and breakfast. Your kitchen features granite countertops and custom cabinetry, as well as a vast breakfast bar on which you grab quick meals to save the dining room table for larger family meals. You cook on the gas stovetop, grab lunch from the refrigerator, and head out to the two-car garage.

Appreciate Beautiful Neighborhood Scenery

As you drive through the quiet of your neighborhood, you admire the neighbors’ neatly-mown lawns, the quaint little saplings artfully landscaped into front yards, and the lush woods offering privacy to the backyards. Turning out onto another residential road, your drive past more freshly-mown lawns, thick pine forest, cozy homes tucked into oaks, and even working farmlands.

The whole area is serene, tranquil, beautiful.

Take a Short City Commute

You work in an office just outside of downtown Raleigh, so after you pass through the neighborhood and residential areas, you get on the highway — you can take either Route 1 or the 401 — and head into the city. The commute is only about 30 minutes, and you enjoy the quiet, easy drive. You enter the bustle of the big city, a pleasant change of scenery from residential quiet, but you are eager to get home to peaceful surroundings by the end of the day.

Go Downtown for Evening Entertainment

It’s Friday night, so you stop at home to change before you make the short drive to downtown Wake Forest for an evening of relaxed fun.  You meet some friends at Backfins Crabhouse for a bite to eat, and afterwards you browse some of the shops downtown, including The Cotton Company, Old Magnolia Trading Company, and N.C. Specialty Studios. You even stop for a drink at the White Street Brewing Company.

Plan for A Fun Weekend

allgau-63427_1280While you enjoy coffee at the Olde English Tea Room, you and your friends discuss plans for the weekend. One of your friends wants to take her kids to the Wake Forest Historical Museum, while another suggests the Wake Forest Farmer’s Market. You offer to drive to Falls Lake State Recreation Area, which is only about twenty minutes away, for boating, camping, cycling, hiking, fishing, and more. A last friend thinks a long walk at one of the city’s parks might be a good way to tire his kids out.

Does This Sound Like Home?

If life in Willow Deer sounds like your perfect home setting, don’t hesitate to read more about Willow Deer, or browse available homes for sale. You can also contact us directly for more information or to schedule a showing.

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