How To Prepare Your Wake County, NC Home for a Great Showing

Feb 06, 2013

Wake County home showingsAre you a Wake County, NC home seller who is about to make your home available for home showings on the local housing market?

If so, then today Wake County real estate blog will definitely interest you!

Today, I’m going to tell you about the steps you can take to ensure any home showings you property has will be successful.

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It’s been said that a home buyer decides within seconds of walking into a house whether they’re interested in buying it or not.

Thus, as a home seller, it’s your job to make sure your property leaves a positive impression on home buyers immediately!

After all, the better a home buyer feels about a home, the more likely they are to make an offer on the home – and the more willing they will be to pay your asking price.

Here are some steps you can take to get your Wake County home showing-ready:

Put the home buyer at ease. The more the buyer feels at home and less like a guest, the better it is for you as the home seller. So if possible, avoiding laying down such rules like the buyer has to take off their shoes. And make sure to leave the house during showings so potential home buyers can roam freely.

Set the indoor temperature just right. Regardless of what the weather is like outside, you want the temperature to be moderate. Read: You don’t want to freeze out home buyers but you don’t want to roast them either. The more comfortable buyers are with the temperature, the more likely they are to stick around and linger.

Set the mood. Maybe light a fire in the fireplace or play soft, relaxing music. Again, you want the home buyer to feel at ease.

Avoid nose-catching scents. You may think tropical mango is a nice scent to use in the house but potential home buyers may find it off-putting and over-powering. Trade out those artificial smells for ones that are universally likes. For instance, you may consider baking cookies right before a showing to fill your house with that comforting scent. Or you could set out cinnamon sticks.

Lighten up a bit. The more light that’s flowing in your home, the larger and more inviting it will seem. So open the windows, turn on the lights and remove any furniture that may be blocking natural light from entering through the windows.

Provide helpful background information. A few selectively placed cards around the house to tell home buyers about your home’s many great assets may help you land an offer. For instance, you may set one by your home’s chandelier to note its expensive design or note how new your kitchen appliances are.

Thank the buyers for their time. Perhaps that means setting out a platter of cookies and having a thank you note by the door. Who doesn’t love to be treated to something special like that?

Gently request feedback. For instance, leave a stack of pens and paper near the door. Even if the buyer doesn’t ultimately end up purchasing the home, you’ll have an inside track to what they liked and didn’t like about your home – which will help you understand home buyer mentality going forward.

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