How to Get the Most Longevity out of the Deck at your Wake County, NC Home

Nov 18, 2012

Are you a Wake County home owner who has a wooden deck in your backyard?

Then today’s Wake County real estate blog is just for you!

Today, we’re going to tell you about various maintenance tips that will help you get the most longevity out of the wood on your deck. This will ultimately save you time and money!

Tips for Preserving Your Wake County Home’s Wooden Deck

The elements are constantly waging a war on the wood of your deck:

  • Sun weakens the wood’s fibers
  • Rain makes the wood swell excessively
  • Temperature changes contract and expand the wood

Overtime, the wood will begin warping.  It will eventually crack when the inside of the wood becomes porous and brittle.

That’s why regularly pressure washing your deck is so important.

By doing so, you’re reducing the grime, mildew and mold that’s built up on your deck, which will help open the pores of the wood to prevent them from cracking overtime.

Plus, it will make your deck look nearly brand new – which is sure to attract potential Wake County home buyers!

Pressure washing is fairly simple too. Once you have the proper machinary, you can likely have your entire deck washed in roughly an hour!

After you’ve pressure washed your deck and it’s completely clean, you may also consider staining or sealing it.

By doing so, you’re further helping the wood to repel water and mildew as well as to resist fading in high traffic areas.

And during the winter months, you may also consider keeping your deck clean of leaves, pine needles and snow – all of which contain moisture  which can then cause mildew on your deck.

As with any maintenance projects, the more often you do these things, the easier it will be to maintain your deck and keep it in top condition!

Wake County, NC Real Estate for Sale

With the above tips, hopefully you’ll be able to preserve your wooden deck for a long time to come!

This will not only make your deck more enjoyable for you and your family but it will also make it more marketable when it comes time for you to list your Wake County home.

When you are ready to sell your Wake County home, please contact me, Rachel Kendall and my team of Wake County real estate experts!

We have years of experience helping home owners sell their properties and can provide you with both practical advice and useful tools, such as:

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