How To Decide When to Sell Your Wake County Home As Is

Jul 17, 2013

Wake County real estate for saleAre you a Wake County home owner who is considering listing your house on the market?

If so, you may be wrestling with whether to fix up your home before listing or to sell it as is.

Today, I’m going to tell you about why it may benefit you to make minor improvements to your home before listing it on the market.

Wake County Real Estate for Sale

Right now in Wake County, demand is rising for area homes for sale.

Yet it still remains a buyer’s market, which means that home sellers are having to take extra steps to ensure that their home is the one that gets the purchase offer, not the home down the street.

While it’s true that some home buyers are looking for fixer upper homes, most are looking for a home that has everything they need as soon as they purchase it.

Even if you find a buyer that’s willing to purchase as-is, these buyers are likely to low ball you, which means you’re not likely to get the kind of profit you’re looking for on your home.

Thus, if you’re wanting to ensure that your home sells in a timely manner and that you get the price you’re looking for, it behooves you to make some minor improvements to your home before you list.

Here are some simple and relatively affordable ways you can do this:

  • Repair broken appliances 
  • Fix leaky faucets
  • Replace darkly painted rooms with more neutral paint
  • Get rid of any broken windows
  • Make any needed repairs to the roof
  • Get new carpeting if yours is severely worn
  • Patch holes or cracks in the walls and ceilings
  • Replace outdated light fixtures
  • Address any code violations

By doing these things beforehand, you’re making sure your home is leaving a lasting and positive impression on prospective home buyers.

That said, when the housing market becomes more of a seller’s market – that is, homes are getting multiple offers and are barely entering the market before they’re getting sold – you may have some more leeway in selling a home as-is.

But given current market conditions in Wake County, it benefits you to do some of these affordable repairs on your home before listing it.

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