Avoid These Home Showing Mistakes at All Costs on the Wake County Real Estate Market!

Feb 20, 2013

Wake County real estate for salePreparing your Wake County property for home showings can be stressful for any home showings.

After all, there’s so much pressure to leave a good impression with prospective home buyers!

While there’s no way to predict how home buyers will react to your home when they see it, there are some surefire things that will turn them off immediately.

Below, I’ll tell you about some things you should avoid when showing your Wake County property.

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Here are some things that you want to make sure are absent from your home on the day of any showing:

Odors. It’s the number one offender when it comes to home showings gone wrong. Form cigarette smoke to pet odors – there are countless ways to offend a home buyers nose. Eradicate any foul odors with a solid cleaning before home buyers ever step foot in your home.

Unrestrained dogs. Some people are afraid of dogs. Some just don’t like them. To avoid the guessing game on how potential home buyers feel about Fido running up to them, remove your pet form the home during showings. If that’s not possible, at least put them in a crate or other sequestered part of the house.

Unkempt bathrooms. Other than the kitchen, this is the most important room that buyers will scrutinize for cleanliness. So make sure to take the time and energy to give them a thorough cleaning before you list your property.

Poorly lit rooms. Dark rooms seem drab, uninviting and poorly laid out. Open a curtain, turn on the lights and give your home a chance to show off its best features.

Musty Basements. A smell of dampness in the area signals to buyers that there may be a foundation leak on your property. Others may worry about hazardous mold in the house. Alleviate those concerns by addressing any moisture control areas in the basement and other parts of your home.

Creepy crawlies. From spiders to roaches, ants to centipedes – these creatures are called pests for a reason. And they have no business being in your house. So eradicate them before a potential home buyer sees them.

Little to No Curb Appeal. Overflowing gutters, overgrown shrubs, scattered children’s toys in the front yard – all of this may be a turn-off to buyers who may assume your home is poorly maintained on the inside and out. Make sure the exterior of your home is picture perfect on the day of a showing.

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