4 Steps To Take Before Selling Your Wake County Home

Nov 13, 2013

Wake County home salesSo you’ve decided to sell your home on the Wake County real estate market! Congratulations!

Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading, this is sure to be an exciting time for you and your family!

But before you list your property, it’s important to take a few preliminary steps first.

Today, I’m going to tell you about four steps you must take before you sell your property!

Listing Your Home in Wake County

It’s important to be prepared before you enter the market as a home seller in Wake County.

After all, if you’re not prepared, you risk getting a bad price on your property and having a negative home-selling experience in general.

To prepare you, we recommend taking these steps before you list your property:

Make Sure your Reason for Selling is Solid. Listing your home on the market should not be a whimsical decision you make to “see what will happen.” After all, you never know how long your home is going to remain listed on the market and so you have to be prepared for the long haul. So make sure you have a solid understanding of why you’re motivated to sell. And make sure you are just that: motivated.

Plan Your Next Move. You’ll save yourself a lot of heartache later on if you take the time to figure out where you would like to live next. You don’t have to get too terribly specific immediately. Just make a list of neighborhoods you’d like to live in or a price range you’d like to stick in. That way when the time comes, you’ll already know the parameters you’re comfortable staying in.

Shop Around for Agents. Selling a home is not something you’re going to want to do alone. You’ll want an experienced Wake County REALTOR® working with you to help you at every step of the process, from pricing your property to preparing it for showings. So meet with various listing agents and ask them to give you their pitch. What would their marketing plan be for your home? How many homes have they sold in you neighborhood? Etc.

Talk to a Lender. First, you’ll want to talk with your existing lender ot find out how much you need to pay off your portage. You also should order a beneficiary statement. Next, shop around for mortgage brokers. These brokers are more likely to be able to offer you flexible discount rates. With your next home in mind, request a loan preapproval letter so you can see what kind of mortgage you’d qualify for. And make sure to take the time to compare mortgage loan types. Your agent can assist you with this.

Your Dedicated Wake County REALTOR®

Hopefully you found the above information helpful as a prospective home seller.

For more information on expertly navigating the local housing market, make sure to contact me, Rachel Kendall, today.

I’m an experienced Wake County REALTOR® who has helped home owners just like you sell their homes in such communities as:

  • Apex
  • Garner
  • Cary

And I’ll be happy to help you too!

Until next time,


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