You’ve Got to Tell the Truth!

Mar 04, 2011

Courtesy KCM Blog

For years, many buyers weren’t honest about their income and some loan officers didn’t care. The loans were bundled by Wall Street and sold to investors who were told anything but the truth about their value. For years, some real estate professionals prodded appraisers to move that appraisal up ‘just a bit’ and most sellers thanked them for it. The housing bubble was created on a bed of dishonesty. I’m not saying that any group was malicious in their intent. Everyone probably believed that it would all work out in the end. But, it didn’t. Instead, we were faced with the largest housing collapse since the Great Depression. 

A market built on so many half-truths couldn’t continue to grow. Its foundation was rotten. Governmental regulation has forced most parties to rethink the way the housing industry can survive. A person given a mortgage must now prove they have the capability to repay it. An appraiser is held to a higher standard as they determine values. Has the pendulum swung too far? Perhaps. But, something needed to be done. 

That brings us to today. Let’s make sure that we demand honesty from real estate professionals in everything we ask them to do. Buyers must insist that the loan officer determines the amount of mortgage they can actually afford. Sellers must make sure they are given an honest estimate of their home’s value in today’s market when listing. Remember to reward the person who has the courage to tell you what you need to know not the one who is telling you what you want to hear.Honesty is the only thing that will bring back the housing market.

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