What to Do if Your Wake County Home Isn’t Selling

Aug 28, 2013

Wake County home sellingIt’s a situation that every Wake County home seller dreads: They’ve just listed their house and prepared their property for showings and the house ends up languishing on the market week after week, without so much as a single purchase offer.

This situation is even more uncomfortable for those home sellers who already know that the chances of a home selling dwindle the longer it sits on the market.

So what should you do if you find yourself in this situation? Today, we’re going to provide you with tips on how to turn your home selling luck around!

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Here are some strategies you can employ is you want to improve the chances of your home selling on the local housing market:

  • Make a video of your home, both inside and out. Watch the tape and pretend you are a prospective home buyer. What assets and issues catch your eye? If you notice them, chances are the home buyer is noticing them too.
  • Reconsider your listing price. The biggest mistake that home sellers make is setting their list price too high. So check to see what similar homes to yours are selling for in the area. It is especially critical to make sure your home is in line with these comparable properties if it’s more of a buyer’s market because you want to make sure your home is competitive.
  • Stay away from your home during showings and open houses. There are few things that are more awkward than showing a home while the home seller is still there. Help home buyers feel comfortable in your home (which will hopefully soon become their home) by staying away when buyers are around.
  • Hold an open house during the week. By doing so, you won’t have to compete with as many other open houses as on the weekend. Plus, you’ll only attract those buyers who are serious about making a commitment and investing.
  • Increase your online and print ads. You may have the perfect house to sell but if it’s not reaching the target audience, then it’s not likely your home is going to sell. So increase your reach by increasing your advertising.
  • Remain neutral. You want your house to have colors that are going to be universally appealing to the general public. And most buyers will tell you that they prefer pale and neutral colors over particularly bold and bright colors. If your home’s walls represent every color of the rainbow, you may consider doing a few paint jobs inside.
  • Work with an experienced home selling agent. Some home sellers try to do a For Sale By Owner, thinking it will save them money. Others don’t thoroughly research REALTORS® in the area and end up working with one who lacks experience in the particular market. Picking the right seller’s agent to represent you is critical to having a positive experience on the Wake County estate market. Choose wisely.

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If you’re interested in listing your home on the Wake County real estate market today, then please contact us at the Rachel Kendall Team.

We will be more than happy to assist you with all of your home-selling needs by providing expert advice, valuable resources and more!

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