What is most important to you Raleigh?

Jun 09, 2011

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Whether a family is thinking of buying or selling a home, price seems to have become all important. I’m not sure why that has occurred. I realize, whenever anyone sells or buys anything, making sure you get a ‘good deal’ is a crucial part of the transaction. However, in real estate today, it now seems that price has become the ONLY THING!

Yet, appreciation or depreciation is not usually the first thing that matters when the average family decides to buy or sell a home.

People move for numerous reasons. Here are a few examples:

  • § to create a better lifestyle for themselves and their children
  • § to be closer to family in other regions of the country
  • § to be closer to necessary healthcare
  • § to take advantage of a promotion or a new job
  • § to downsize and lower long term financial obligations

Most voluntary moves help families achieve their goals and/or dreams. 

Bottom Line 

Which is more important: waiting to get a few more dollars for your home, sitting on the sideline hoping prices drop just a little bit lower before you buy or moving on with the rest of your life? Only you can decide.

Make it a great day Triangle!

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