6 Ways to Pass Your Wake County Home Inspection

Dec 18, 2013

Wake County home inspectionsMany home sellers in Wake County often are wary of the home inspection process because they don’t know if something that the inspector will find will ultimately make or break the deal for them.

If that sounds like you, I have some useful information for you! Today, I’m going to be telling you about the top six ways you can ensure you pass your home inspection.

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Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that your home inspection goes smoothly:

Get rid of excess clutter. Home inspectors hate having to navigate around furniture, boxes and knick-knacks to get to key components of the home, such as the electric panels. The same goes for the heating and cooling system. So make sure to move anything that blocks access to these items and you’ll have a happier home inspector.

Remove items from your appliances. For instance, don’t have clothing in your washer/dryer when the home inspector comes. Or don’t leave dishes in the dishwasher. The inspector needs to get to these items and he’s not likely going to want to handle your belongings in the process.

Leave the house during the home inspection. This also goes for your children and your pets. We recommend leaving an hour before the inspection because a lot of inspectors arrive early to prepare for the home buyers.

Unlock your doors. Maybe not your front door but definitely any gates or doors to a garage that you have locked. The inspector is going to need access to every part of your home and the easier you make it for them, the quicker they will be out of your home.

Be up front about your home’s flaws. It is imperative that sellers disclose any flaws in their home that they’re aware of. It’s the responsibility of the seller. So if you know about a leaky faucet, speak up!

Provide all the necessary documentation from past repairs and maintenance. We recommend putting these items in a binder or folder for the inspector to see. You may also want to include insurance claim reports.

Helping You Successfully Sell Your Wake County Home!

I hope you found the above tips helpful as a home seller. The key is to make inspectors’ jobs easier so that they’re more inclined to give you a favorable review on your Wake County home for sale

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