Jul 23, 2014

RS886_iStock_000008402349SmallFeeling stressed? Overtired and overworked? Then maybe you should consider moving to Raleigh, NC!

According to a recent study, Raleigh is one of the least stressed-out towns in the country based on such factors as shorter workdays, a low cost of living, sunshine and healthier living.

Now that’s an accolade we can all be proud of!

Recent Study Ranks Raleigh Near the Top!

Here is the recent ranking of cities that are least stressed out, according to national researchers:

  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Rochester, NY
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Richmond, VA
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Hartford, CT
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Sacramento, CA

Did you see that? Raleigh came in at Number 3!

So what exactly encouraged researchers to rank Raleigh so high on low-stress? It turns out that it was a number of factors!

For starters, our community boasts a low cost of living as well as ample available jobs.

The community also has a low crime rate and a great quality of life.

Part of the Research Triangle, this city enjoys access to plenty of tech, medical and academic jobs. In fact, Raleigh’s unemployment rate has remained in the low 5 percent area.

And despite an influx of workers, home prices are still relatively stable, with the median home price around $215,000. That’s just above the national average.

As for quality of life, Raleigh is home to an extensive network of greenways and public parks and is just a few hours from both beaches and mountains.

Still, researchers did note that we have long work hours. In fact, Raleigh employees tend to spend more time working than most other major metropolitan areas.

Who Wouldn’t Want to Live in the Raleigh, NC Area?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been telling you about accolade after accolade that our city has received from national researchers. From boasting a stable real estate market to now being one of the least stressed out metropolitan areas in the country – Raleigh has plenty to offer!

If you’re interested in taking the next step toward making Raleigh YOUR home, contact me, Rachel Kendall, and my team of Raleigh NC real estate experts.

We would be happy to assist you by first telling you about available listings for sale here and also providing valuable Wake County home buying resources.

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