Nov 26, 2014

Wake County ConstructionMore new construction homes are coming to the North Raleigh real estate market in the form of infill homes, according to an article I was recently reading.

Evidently, home builders are following home buyer desires by constructing modern homes in established Wake County neighborhoods. And no where is this more evident than in North Raleigh.

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A North Raleigh Neighborhood Case Study on Infill Homes: Chestnut Hills

The recent article I was reading focused on one specific neighborhood in the north Raleigh area: Chestnut Hills.

This community, located off Six Forks Road, has been around for decades. It’s a popular place to live, especially given that it’s roughly a mile north of the shopping and dining amenities at North Hills and it’s also within walking distance of Shelley Lake.

Well, beginning around 2006, builders began tearing down a lot of the ranch homes in this community and started constructing larger and fancier homes.

And this movement has been met with plenty of enthusiasm and excitement from area residents.  Thus, many predict this is a trend that will not only continue in Chestnut Hills but other communities.

The price difference between these new and older homes in this North Raleigh neighborhood is definitely worth noting. While older homes in this community may sell for between $350,000 and $400,000, the newer homes have been selling for as much as $750,000!

Still, thanks to city ordinances, these new homes are held to the same set-back standards of the previously built homes, maintaining some level of uniformity in the neighborhood.

What Do You Think of North Raleigh’s Infill Trend?

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