Monday Health Tip

Apr 04, 2011

Happy Monday Raleigh!! 

10 Small Diet and Exercise Tricks That Get Big Results

  1. Small goals make a big difference
  2. See where you stand now (get current weight)
  3. Keep a record of your pyhsical activity
  4. Bring your lunch to work or school
  5. Change your daily routine (don’t stop at the local coffee shop for that latte…make a cup of coffee at home)
  6. Make healthier choices when eating at restaurants
  7. Use a pedometer
  8. Keep gum handy- sugar free gum is a quick way to satisfy a craving for a snack
  9. Try one new fruit or vegetable a week
  10. Serve home cooked meals on smaller plates (the portion size will look bigger)

Make it a great day Triangle!

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