How to Know When It’s a Good Time to Buy a Wake County Home

May 08, 2013

Wake County home buyingMany prospective home buyers wrestle with the idea of when is the right time to buy a home.

That’s why we here on the Wake County real estate market are here to help!
Today, we’re going to tell you how you can determine when the best time to purchase a Wake County home is.

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Most home buyers will tell you that the best time to buy is when interest rates are low because that signals that it is a buyer’s market.

What’s more, low interest rates means that your monthly payment will be lower – which will be less stressful for you in the long run.

Another great time to buy is when it’s convenient for your schedule. For instance, if you are a parent, the best time to buy may be when the school year is over.

Here are some other factors that may signal that it’s a good time to buy:

  • The relative stability of your current job
  • Your amount of savings and whether you can afford a down payment on a home
  • Whether it’s a buyers or seller’s market

Let’s look at that last point a little bit more in depth.

How do you determine whether it’s a buyer or seller’s market? If the market is slow – such as homes are sitting on the market unsold – then that’s a good indication.

What’s more, if home values are relatively low – especially compared to a few years ago – then it may be a good signal that it’s a buyer’s market.

Purchasing a home in a buyer’s market is a great opportunity because it means you’re going to get an excellent deal on a Wake County home for sale.

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We hope you found the above information helpful as a potential Wake County home buyer.

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