How to Discover Your Dream Wake County Home When there’s an Inventory Shortage

Jun 12, 2013

Wake County home buyingThe Wake County real estate market is heating up – driving more and more home buyers to enter it!

The only problem is that not as many home sellers are getting the memo, which is leading to an inventory shortage.

Today, I’m going to tell you the best ways to approach the market in Wake County as a home buyer when there is a shortage of available homes for sale.

5 Ways to Find Your Dream Home in Wake County

It’s becoming more and more common to hear about homes for sale that have multiple offers.

And that means that some buyers are losing out during the home offer process.

Here are five ways that you can ensure that the dream home you’re eyeing will be yours for the taking:

Check out “expired” and “withdrawn” listings. Ask your Wake County real estate agent for helping doing this. Homes may fail to sell for a number of reasons, including being overpriced. At some point, the home listing may expire or the home owner may withdraw the listing all together. Check these listings out and – if you see one that is within your price range today – contact the seller to see if they’re still interested in selling their property. You may end up with a fabulous deal!

Search for “Make Me Move®” Prices. There is a Zillow application that will tell you which homes have Make Me Move prices, which are prices that the home owners has said would make them sell. While some of these prices are way too high, there are some gems to be found. That way you’re purchasing a home that hasn’t even officially been entered n the market.

Browse Rental Listings. Depending on the offer you make, you may encourage the property owner to sell their rental home to you. It never hurts to try!

Don’t Cut Out Overpriced Listings Just Yet. New listings lose their allure after about 6 weeks on the market. Interested home buyers begin wondering what’s wrong with the house that no one else has bought it. Use this to your advantage when approaching the home seller and make an offer that you can meet. You never know, the seller may be so sick of their home languishing on the market that they may just acquiesce.

Don’t forget off-market listings! A skillful real estate expert will be able to tell you about potential opportunities to buy off-market homes. Home owners may not choose to list their property for a number of reasons, including a desire to maintain privacy. Also known as pocket listings, these homes are a great steal, especially in markets where there’s a low inventory.

Wake County, NC Homes for Sale

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