7 Ways to Sell Wake County Real Estate This Fall

Oct 16, 2013

RS868_iStock_000007707066SmallYou gotta love the fall season! The crisp air, the changing of the leaves, the start of the holiday season! 

But if you’re a home owner, autumn can be a wild card when it comes to selling your property.

After all, summer is usually the busy time for home sales and by fall, sales may cool off a bit.

Luckily there are things you can do to ensure that your home has a good chance of selling this fall. Today I’m going to share some of these strategies with you.

Sell Wake County Real Estate with These Tips

Here are some tips that are sure to get prospective home buyers to notice your property!

Tidy up your front lawn. This is especially important during fall because leaves can pile up quickly on the ground. So rake them up and trim back any overgrown vegetation around your home. This will not only make your home look more attractive on the outside, it will let light come in on the inside!

Set the Mood for Autumn. This starts on the outside of your home. Consider planning chrysanthemums or marigolds, both of which are poplar fall plants. Put them in pots and then line your sidewalk with them. You may even consider placing a couple of pumpkins among them. It helps get the buyer in the right mindset for imagining them living there during the fall time.

Give your windows a solid cleaning. During the summer, rain and wind can make your windows dusty and dirty. So clean them up and really make them shine! Once again, this not only makes your home look beautiful on the outside but it also will lighten up the inside.

Don’t forget the fireplace! If you have a fireplace, you’ll want to clean it out before any home showings. And to really set the mood and help the buyer imagine living there, you may want to light the fireplace right before the buyers come so it smells comfortable and cozy when they arrive.

Consider setting out subtle seasonal scents. This may include pumpkin, cinnamon or apple cider. Light scents scattered about your house will prove alluring. But make sure to not overdue it as too many smells may just prove nauseating for prospective home buyers.

Take a cue from the leaves outside. Use autumn accents throughout your home to carry the theme from outside to inside. Perhaps use a red throw on your couch or set out some orange and yellow knickknacks in your bedrooms. This will brighten up your rooms and really enliven them.

Let there be light. Because the days are getting shorter, it’s important to make sure there’s adequate light on the inside to showcase all that your home has to offer. So turn on the lights and open the blinds in every room, including the closets and bathrooms.

Your Wake County Home Expert

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