5 Ways To Attract More Home Buyer Traffic for Your Wake County Home

Aug 14, 2013

Wake County home salesAlthough the market is improving, it’s definitely still a home buyer’s market here on the Wake County real estate market.

So it’s still quite important for home sellers to have an aggressive marketing plan in place that is going to attract home buyers.

But how exactly do we do that? Today, I’m going to provide you with some tips on how to increase the traffic to your home.

Attracting Wake County Home Buyers

Here are some ways you can make it more likely for your home to show to buyers, thus increasing your chances of selling your home fairly quickly on the Wake County real estate market:

Make showing your home a breeze. This means reducing some of the barriers to real estate agents showing your home, including requiring appointments way ahead of time and only touring the home during certain hours. Instead, consider using a lockbox and not limiting the times when buyers can show your home.

Offer a competitive Buyer’s Agent Commission. If you do, it’s more likely that home buyer’s agents will work even more aggressively to find a qualified and interested buyer for your home.

Saturate the Market with Advertising Materials. This may include advertising in your local newspaper, targeting your target audience through mailers and advertising online on such sites as Trulia and Google.

Organize An Open House Tour. Are there other home owners in your neighborhood who are trying to sell their property? If so, you may consider hosting an open house extravaganza that markets all of your homes at once. Consider serving concessions and playing music to make it seem like almost a fair-like atmosphere and to draw in more people.

Attract Buyers With Extras. Perhaps you can say that every buyer who tours your home within a set time period will be entered into a drawing for tickets to an upcoming sporting event. Don’t forget to advertise the initiative in local media outlets! You never now, a buyer may come for the free drawing but stay because they fall in love with your house.

Your Dedicated Wake County Real Estate Agent

If you’d like even more help figuring out how to attract buyers to your Wake County home for sale, please contact me, Rachel Kendall, today.

I have years of experience helping home sellers in such markets as:

And I’ll be happy to help you as well!

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