5 Important Steps To Take Before Selling Your Wake County Home

Sep 25, 2013

Wake County home sellingDeciding to enter the Wake County real estate market as a home seller can be an emotional experience.

After all, you’ve lived in your current home for a number of years and now you’re preparing to move somewhere else.

To help you be as prepared as possible for this transition, here are five things that you should definitely do before you ever list your property on the market.

Listing Your Wake County Real Estate

Before listing your home, make sure to do these things:

Consider why you’re selling your home. Maybe it’s because you want to downsize or because your job recently relocated you. Make sure your reason for listing your home is solid and sound because if it’s more of a whimsical decision, you may find yourself in a difficult or uncomfortable position down the road.

Explore where you might go next. You don’t want to sell your home and have no clue where you’re going to go next. So start shopping around other neighborhoods and maybe even attend some open houses. Evaluate prices on newer homes versus older homes and consider your options. This will either get you more excited about moving or help you see that you may prefer to stay where you’re at.

Interview different real estate agents. Although there are some people who do for sale by owner, you’re really going to benefit if you work with an experienced real estate agent who can provide you with helpful advice and practical insight on the market. Talk to various agents about their game plan for listing your property, pricing your property, preparing your property for home showings and more. This should indicate who you may want to work with.

Get a lender. Shop around to see what kind of deals they can offer you and then seek to attain a loan approval letter. Before you lock in on one lender, make sure to compare mortgage loan types to see which one is of maximum benefit to you.

Decide to Sell First, then Buy. The more of a game plan you have before entering the market, the better. Every home seller must decide whether they’re going to sell first or buy first. We recommend selling first because studies show that it ends up being more profitable to do it that way than buying first.

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