5 Features Wake County Home Buyers Are Looking For

Jun 05, 2013

Wake County homes for saleAre you thinking about listing you property anytime soon on the Wake County real estate market? If so, then today’s blog will certainly prove relevant to you!

Today, I’m going to tell you about the top five things that interested buyers are looking for in Wake County homes.

This will help you determine whether your home is likely going to attract qualified buyers.

Does Your Home Have These 2013 Home Trend Features?

According to a recent survey by Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, about 77 percent of younger home buyers are looking for smart home technology and other modern amenities.

This trend has become a driving force on the market and is helping reshape what features buyers are prioritizing in their next home for sale.

Here are the five latest trends in what interested home buyers are looking for

Smart Home Technology. This may take the form of large, surround-sound, flat-screen tvs to homes that can be remotely locked and unlocked. Today’s home buyers are looking for sophisticated technology that is going to make their lives more convenient. To that extent, homes that have built in man caves (ie, a large media room) are also increasingly popular.

Spacious walk-in closets. Today’s home buyers are turned off by the slender closets that used to be popular. Instead, they want walk-in closets that will have a space for every clothing item and accessory they own.

Home Offices. With all of the technology at our disposal today, more and more employers are telling employees that it’s okay to work from home. As a result, more home buyers are looking for properties that have a built in home office. Have a room with built-in shelves? Even better!

Hardwood floors. This trend has actually been around for a few years now but there are no signs that it’s going anywhere soon. While buyers in decades past have found comfort in lush carpets, today’s home buyers are more drawn to sophisticated and well-maintained hardwood floors. Have wall-to-wall carpeting in your house? Ask a professional to come out and see what’s under the carpet. You may be surprised: oftentimes in older homes, there are immaculate hardwood floors beneath the carpet!

Close proximity to the city core. Along the same lines of convenience, today’s home buyers want to be near the center of it all, rather than way out in the suburbs. And those large acre-lots that used to be popular? Today’s home buyers see them as just more maintenance and are thus shying away from them.

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