Raleigh’s Pullen Park Drawing Even Bigger Crowds After Renovations

Apr 16, 2014

Wake County's Pullen ParkAlthough it’s always been a beloved destination for those living in the Triangle area, Raleigh’s Pullen park has become even more popular recently thanks to the millions of dollars in renovations in received in recent years.

That’s according to a recent article I was reading that noted that the park received $6.3 million in renovations, which were completed in 2011.

Evidently, ever since those renovations were completed, interest in the park has soared!

The History of Pullen Park

To completely understand the importance of the recent renovations at Pullen Park, it’s important to understand the park’s history.

Pullen first opened in 1887 after Richard Stanhome Pullen donated 66 acres just southwest of downtown to the city. The stipulation was that the land had to remain a park forever or it would need to be legally returned to Pullen’s heirs.

In its early years, the park was beloved for its small zoo and two swimming pools that were constructed from wood.

Then, in 1921, the Gustave Dentzel carousel was opened.

By 1950, the park had added its first miniature train, a lovely attraction for families in the area.

But in recent years, the park had become outdated and in need of a serious face lift.

So in the early 2000s, Pullen Park was closed for two years during renovations. During that time, the 1911 Gustave A. Dentzel carousel was restored and also relocated to an air-conditioned building. Meanwhile, the train got a face lift and the playgrounds were replaced with modern equipment.

Additionally, the snack bar was replaced by Pullen Place Café, which touts local ingredients and healthy meal options.

People Love Visiting This Raleigh Park!

Ever since these renovations were completed, attendance to the park has been at an all-time high.

In fact, city park officials have been tracking the same of ride tickets and have found that those tickets have tripled since the upgrades were complete – jumping from 300,000 individual rides a year to 900,000.

Staff said that while they expected the renovations to be popular, they had no idea how popular they would become.

Because of all the renewed interest, there is now a shortage of parking in the area. But evidently, the parks department recently partnered with NC State and the Governor Morehead School to add off-site parking on the weekends that would be within a half-mile walk.

Relocating to The Wake County Area

Pullen Park is truly an icon, not just in Raleigh but all of Wake County. It’s a charming place where generations of families have raised their families and enjoyed quality time together.

But Pullen Park isn’t the only fabulous recreational amenity that residents enjoy here. In fact, the Wake County area is overflowing with family-friendly amenities, from museums to shopping plazas, art galleries to movie theaters.

Add on top of that a robust job market and beautifully designed neighborhoods and you have the ideal place to live!

If you’re interested in making the Wake County area your next permanent home, please contact me, Rachel Kendall, and my team of Wake County real estate experts. We would be happy to assist search available Wake County homes for sale to find the home of your dreams!

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