About Rebekah Lindsey

As a Raleigh native, I am blessed to consider myself one of the few to be both born and raised in this great city. I have a degree in Interior Design from East Carolina University and spent 10 years in the design industry specializing in kitchen and bath design and remodeling.

My decade spent in the interior design field allowed me to actively learn how to listen and interpret my client’s wants, needs, and ideas in order to turn them into reality. In addition, I became accustomed to working with a lot of moving parts in a high paced industry where thinking on your feet and behind the scenes work is vital to ensure a smooth process and transaction. I apply these same principles in helping my clients find and purchase their new home.

I believe there is more to real estate than simply finding a house – my goal is to find you a home. Every client is unique and brings their individual tastes and desires to the table. Therefore, I strive to accomplish three main objectives while assisting you in your search: ensure that your new home fits your wants and needs, is negotiated and presented professionally, all while still maintaining your budget.

Once I put my mind to something, I follow it through so when I decided to pursue a career in real estate, I put my whole heart into it…and that was the easy part. The hard part was deciding what team I wanted to call my home. However, after walking through the doors and meeting The Rachel Kendall Team, the decision became simple. They treat their team members like family and this follows suit into how they treat their clients. Their core values, culture, and passion are just three of the reasons why The Rachel Kendall Team should assist you in that next big transition in your life.

Let me help you make your dreams a reality and make a house your home!