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About Rachel Kendall

Rachel Kendall’s journey did not begin with real estate. She spent the first decade of her working life as a teacher in California. Passionate about serving others, she made sure that all of her students had warm clothes for the winter and enough food to get through the day. Her efforts as an educator earned her the “Teaching Excellence Award.” When she moved on from teaching children, she opened her own fitness business where she continued to utilize her gift for teaching by educating women about health and wellness. Her passion for serving others also continued as she donated all of her profits to outfitting hundreds of children with cochlear implants. Rachel’s love for others now carries over into her real estate business. She coaches and mentors all of the team members, and she is a charismatic, thoughtful, and passionate team leader.

Just like Rachel, Dan’s career did not begin in real estate. As the Managing Partner of the Rachel Kendall Team, Dan Kendall offers experience, expertise, and guidance to the team. He has taken many lessons from his extensive experience in the business world as a consultant, especially how to interact with and treat clients. He always emphasizes the importance of trust, and teaches this lesson to the members of the team. He also describes himself as a generalist with an analytical attention to detail and a pragmatist who thankfully has not lost all his ideals. Dan is a knowledgeable, analytic, and resourceful leader who extends his guidance and leadership to both the team and clients.

When they opened the Rachel Kendall Team in 2008, Dan and Rachel combined their experiences and philosophies to create a culture, care, and community driven team. The team works together, often putting other’s needs before their own, so the search for a home is efficient, transparent, and smooth for every family. Rachel’s tradition of giving back is also continued by the Rachel Kendall Team’s partnership with the Ronald McDonald house, ensuring that with every closing, a toy is bought for a child in need. Rachel and Dan are both passionate about the team, and believe their success as one of the top real estate teams in the triangle stems from the care the team shows for each other, their customers, and the community. They love serving the Triangle area, and want to make sure that service continues. They have found the ideal Managing Director, Mahala Landin, to help carry on the operations and sales of the team. Working with Rachel and Dan, she has helped the team grow and continue the same vision for the team that Rachel has always held. She is committed to the community and dedicated to continuing the legacy of the Rachel Kendall Team. The whole team loves to serve the Triangle area and give back wherever they can, and they look forward to many years of continued involvement.